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how can i retrieve values from textbox and send them to html in Android?

Everytime i'm at university and i connect to WIFI, it opens an html page and asks me for my username and password.

This is why, I got the idea of making an application that can save my username and my password and send them to that html page that opens everytime i connect to the wifi of my university.
This is how i'll save time. And of course I want to publish it on my university website.

So I want to retrieve the username and the password from my TextBoxes and send them to html and let my application do the connect instead of I typing the authentications everytime.

Any idea how to do that?
Should I use the WebView?
or it's better if I don't use the WebView because it's gonna connect invisibly and use something like Httprequest or something... I'm not familiar with those.


5 years ago, I was a noob.
Two methods:

1)Just see where the form is submitting the value by right clicking in chrome and inspecting the elements.

2) Use fiddler to intercept the http requests, then you will be able to know where it's posting.

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Can't you make some kind of http request in you android app, that send your username and password as a post request.

On paper it should work, in reality I don't know. It depends on the which page the form gets processed I think.

But anything similair to this idea should/could work I think. I am still learning android. xD

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