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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How to Find UserControls Control value in Jquery Asp.net?

I am using jQuery and ASP.net

I have a User Control and wanted to Set the values of this User control to the database, for that I need the user control's value. In the same way, I want to show the data from the database in the user control, for that I need to Get the values by jquery.

In my user control I have 4 TextBoxes and 2 Buttons (SET/UPDATE)

AutoCompleteSearch_New is ascx user control

Here is my tried code:

var ID = $('#<%= ((HiddenField)AutoCompleteSearch_New.FindControl("hdnvalue")).ClientID %>').val();

But I dont wan't to use hidden fields.

Can I directly find the control's value without using hidden fields?

Answer Source

It is similar to use value from a webform.

Here is the code for the same.

 Var TextBoxValue = $('#YourTextBoxID').val();

Inspect element and get the Textbox ID and replace it with YourTextBoxID.


Var TextBoxValue = $('#<%= YourTextBoxID.ClientID').val();

where YourTextBoxID is your asp:Textbox ID.

When ever you load user control in your aspx page, jquery consider it as a whole page which is combined of user control and rest of the aspx controls exist in the form. So you can directly get textbox value in your jquery

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