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Javascript Question

how to exchange variables between two HTML pages?

I have two HTML pages,


How do I pass variables from
using the query string, and retrieve that variable in
without using any serverside code?

Answer Source

In example1.html:

<a href='example2.html?myVar1=42'>a link</a>
<a href='example2.html?myVar1=43'>another link</a>

or generate the links with Javascript as desired. Just make sure the ?varName=value gets onto the end of example2.html somehow.

Then, in example2.html, you use Javascript to parse the query string that example2 came with.

To do this, you could try Querystring.

// Adapted from examples on the Querystring homepage.
var qs = new Querystring();
var v1 = qs.get("myVar1");

Alternatively, parent.document.URL contains the complete URI for the page you're on. You could extract that:

parent.document.URL.substring(parent.document.URL.indexOf('?'), parent.document.URL.length);

and parse it manually to pull the variables you encoded into the URI.

EDIT: Forgot the 'new' part of 'new Querystring()'. Oops...

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