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CSS Question

How to include local file of font awesome 4.1 without using CDN?

With font awesome effect
This is the effect with font awesome, i only can get it when i using font awesome 4.1 CDN)

enter image description here
Using downloaded files, I included the fonts folder and font-awesome.css, but still no icon appear.

enter image description here
My link which is correct.

enter image description here
The font-awesome.css file path, i didn't change anything.

enter image description here
directory folders and files.

enter image description here
inside of font folder.

enter image description here
inside css folder.


I got the problem solved already. This is due to mistake in typing code. I type in fontawesome v3.1 style

<i class="icon-twitter-sign icon-x3"></i>

and now i am using v4.1, that's why it didn't work. It should be

<i class="fa fa-twitter icon-x3"></i>

to make it work.

Answer Source

You should download the fontawesome package from there website Extract the package then you should get the fontawesome.css and copy it under your css directory then from the extracted fontawesome package copy all the fonts files and past it on your fonts folder . finally add the fontawesome.css on your html page by giving respective location of the css file.

AND Voila !

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