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I am not able to manipulate data from inputStream with StringBuilder

I have an test application that connects with a bluetooth and receives and sends data. Everything is ok here.

My problem is that I need to handle the return before the set TextView.

If I received "OK," I need to return "Turn On".

If I received "OFF", I need to return "Turn Off".

I am not able to manipulate the data. Some tips here?

My Code:

void appendLog(){
bluetoothIn = new Handler() {
public void handleMessage(Message msg) {

if (msg.what == handlerState) {
String readMessage = (String) msg.obj;

int endOfLineIndex = recDataString.indexOf("\r\n");

while ((endOfLineIndex= recDataString.indexOf("\r\n")) > 0){
String dataInPrint = recDataString.substring(0, endOfLineIndex);


Log.d("BT", "Received: " + dataInPrint);
String aux = dataInPrint.toString();

// If i received "OK" I need return in TV "Turn on"
if(aux == "OK"){
Log.d("BT", "OK");
//txtString.setText("Turn on");
Log.d("BT, "NOK");
//txtString.setText("Turn off");

recDataString.delete(0, recDataString.length());



Android Monitor:

07-08 21:06:19.000 29972-29972/com.test D/BT: Received: OK
07-08 21:06:19.000 29972-29972/com.test D/BT: NOK

Tks for all and sorry for my english ;)

Answer Source

Change your if statement to compare strings correctly.

    Log.d("BT", "OK");
    //txtString.setText("Turn on");
    Log.d("BT", "NOK");
    //txtString.setText("Turn off");

See this SO POST How do I compare strings in Java?

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