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PHP Question

Getting Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE). when using memcache in kohana

i'm getting this error when i try to use memcache using kohana. all i did was changed the hostname in the configuration file and used

$cache = Cache::instance('memcache');

i can telnet my memcached servers so probably the problem is not there.

any help?

Answer Source

The error described is a Google Chrome error. This suggests that Kohana is not responding with anything, most likely because the error/exception handling is being suppressed. Check that PHP error_reporting is on (E_ALL is a good value).

If there still is no output, it could be that PHP is segfaulting during execution. If so you should be able to find out what is wrong in your web server logs if not the system log.

My best guess is that php-memcache and/or the memcache library is not compiled correctly or has been corrupted.

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