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Remove repository from GitKraken overview

I accidentally cloned the same repository twice in GitKraken (don't ask me how, I am still learning in Git), and now it shows up twice in the repo overview. It both point to the same folder, so I cannot just delete the repo, as I would have lost the other one too. How can I remove one from the overview?

I can imagine this can also be useful for removing old repositories in GitKraken, but still have the files on your local computer.

Double repo

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You can try and:

  • move you actual dayfinder folder (rename it)
  • delete the extra entry in GitKraken
  • rename the folder back to its original name.

The OP Mathias711 adds in the comments:

Even better: When I renamed it ("dayfinder2") it automatically updated his overview, and added the 2 and also removed the extra entry.
Removing the 2 yields the expected output.