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Javascript Question

Anagrams finder in javascript

I am supposed to write a program in JavaScript to find all the anagrams within a series of words provided. e.g.: "monk, konm, nkom, bbc, cbb, dell, ledl, llde"
The output should be categorised into rows:
1. monk konm, nkom;
2. bbc cbb;
3. dell ledl, llde;

I already sorted them into alphabetical order i.e.:
"kmno kmno bbc bbc dell dell"
and put them into an array.

However I am stuck in comparing and finding the matching anagram within the array.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Answer Source

Javascript objects are excellent for this purpose, since they are essentially key/value stores:

// Words to match
var words = ["dell", "ledl", "abc", "cba"];

// The output object
var anagrams = {};

for (var i in words) {
    var word = words[i];

    // sort the word like you've already described
    var sorted = sortWord(word);

    // If the key already exists, we just push
    // the new word on the the array
    if (anagrams[sorted] != null) {
    // Otherwise we create an array with the word
    // and insert it into the object
    else {
        anagrams[sorted] = [ word ];

// Output result
for (var sorted in anagrams) {
    var words = anagrams[sorted];
    var sep = ",";
    var out = "";
    for (var n in words) {
        out += sep + words[n];
        sep = "";
    document.writeln(sorted + ": " + out + "<br />");
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