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Python Question

Is it possible to have a local random seed in Python?

Python's random seems are global, so modules changing it will effect each other.

While there are of course many 3rd party modules, is there a way using Python's standard library to have a random number local to a context.

(without using

which may be problematic when mixing code from different modules).

Something like...

r = random.context(seed=42)
number = r.randint(10, 20)

Where each module can use its own random context.

Answer Source

From the docs:

The functions supplied by this module are actually bound methods of a hidden instance of the random.Random class. You can instantiate your own instances of Random to get generators that don’t share state.

Make your own random.Random instance and use that.

rng = random.Random(42)
number = rng.randint(10, 20)
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