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How to make a light effect beyond imageview on IOS either by storyboard or Objective C code?

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You see, there are some light effects behind those pictures, how to achieve that? By storyboard or Objective C code?

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Try this:

UIBezierPath *shadowPath = [UIBezierPath bezierPathWithRect:view.bounds];
view.layer.masksToBounds = NO;
view.layer.shadowColor = [UIColor blackColor].CGColor;
view.layer.shadowOffset = CGSizeMake(0.0f, 5.0f);
view.layer.shadowOpacity = 0.5f;
view.layer.shadowPath = shadowPath.CGPath;

Explaination: As seen in the last step there are a few different properties needed when adding a shadow using Core Animation. If your are not familiar with Core Animation don’t worry, just try to focus on the shadow code and not the CALayer on the view.

shadowOffset is a CGSize representing how far to offset the shadow from the path.

shadowColor is the color of the shadow. Shadow colors should always be opaque, because the opacity will be set by the shadowOpacity property. The shadowColor property is a CGColor not a UIColor.

shadowRadius is the width of the shadow along the shadow path

shadowOpacity determines the opacity of the shadow.

shadowPath is probably the most important of the properties. While a shadow can be drawn without specifying a path, for performance reasons you should always specify one. This path tells Core Animation what the opaque regions of the view are, and without it, things slow down severely! It is a CGPath, which is most easily created using UIBezierPath (iOS only) as shown in step 2.

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