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loop within a loop for JSON files in R

I am trying to aggregate a bunch of JSON files in to a single one for three sources and three years. While so far I have only been able to do it through the tedious way, I am sure I could do it in a smarter and more elegant manner.

json1 <- lapply(readLines("NYT_1989.json"), fromJSON)
json2 <- lapply(readLines("NYT_1990.json"), fromJSON)
json3 <- lapply(readLines("NYT_1991.json"), fromJSON)
json4 <- lapply(readLines("WP_1989.json"), fromJSON)
json5 <- lapply(readLines("WP_1990.json"), fromJSON)
json6 <- lapply(readLines("WP_1991.json"), fromJSON)
json7 <- lapply(readLines("USAT_1989.json"), fromJSON)
json8 <- lapply(readLines("USAT_1990.json"), fromJSON)
json9 <- lapply(readLines("USAT_1991.json"), fromJSON)

jsonl <- list(json1, json2, json3, json4, json5, json6, json7, json8, json9)

Note that the year period goes equally for the three files from 1989 to 1991. Any ideas? Thanks!

PS: Example of the data inside each file:

{"date": "December 31, 1989, Sunday, Late Edition - Final", "body": "Frigid temperatures across much of the United States this month sent demand for heating oil soaring, providing a final upward jolt to crude oil prices. Some spot crude traded at prices up 40 percent or more from a year ago. Will these prices hold? Five experts on oil offer their views. That's assuming the economy performs as expected - about 1 percent growth in G.N.P. The other big uncertainty is the U.S.S.R. If their production drops more than 4 percent, prices could stengthen. ", "title": "Prospects;"}
{"date": "December 31, 1989, Sunday, Late Edition - Final", "body": "DATELINE: WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 For years, experts have dubbed Czechoslovakia's spy agency the ''two Czech'' service. But he cautioned against euphoria. ''The Soviets wouldn't have relied on just official cooperation,'' he said. ''It would be surprising if they haven't unilaterally penetrated friendly services with their own agents, too.'' ", "title": "Upheaval in the East: Espionage;"}
{"date": "December 31, 1989, Sunday, Late Edition - Final", "body": "SURVIVING the decline in the economy will be the overriding issue for 1990, say leaders of the county's business community. Successful Westchester business owners will face and overcome these risks and obstacles. Westchester is a land of opportunity for the business owner. ", "title": "Coping With the Economic Prospects of 1990"}

Answer Source

Here you go:


filelist <- c("NYT_1989.json","NYT_1990.json","NYT_1991.json",
              "WP_1989.json", "WP_1990.json","WP_1991.json",

newJSON <- sapply(filelist, function(x) fromJSON(readLines(x)))

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