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OpenXML add new row to existing Excel file

I've got lots of XLSX files and I need to append a new row after the last one in the file. I'm using OpenXML and so far I know how to open/create spreadsheet, but my search for adding new rows to existing files returned nothing. Any ideas ?

Answer Source

If all you need to do is add a blank row to the end and you don't care if a row already exists at the row index, then the following should work for you:

    public static void InsertRow(WorksheetPart worksheetPart)
        SheetData sheetData = worksheetPart.Worksheet.GetFirstChild<SheetData>();  
        Row lastRow = sheetData.Elements<Row>().LastOrDefault();

        if (lastRow != null)
            sheetData.InsertAfter(new Row() { RowIndex = (lastRow.RowIndex + 1) }, lastRow); 
            sheetData.Insert(new Row() { RowIndex = 0 });
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