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Grails/Groovy - Render/direct object to XML for saving to file

I'm familiar with using the "render myObject as grails.converters.XML" and with saving a stream/string to a flat file within the "temp" folder of the user's temp/session folder... I'd like to be able to take an object and save it as marshalled xml (in the same way the "render myObject as XML" marshalls it) as a flat .xml file in the users temp folder. IOW, I want to do something like "render myObject as grails.converters.XML to a flat .xml file". Can someone point me in the right direction on how to do this?

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You can try groovy.xml.MarkupBuilder if you're handling groovy beans (POGO). If you need to manipulate different kinds of objects, I suggest using XStream.

Its a simple and fast API with low memory footprint. Very useful for marshalling.

For instance, this is an XML doc printed from 2 beans (Person and Address):

def xstream = new XStream()
def joe = new Person(
              new Address(
                'White house',

def xmlDoc = xstream.toXML(joe)

will render:


Then, just use a fileWriter with your xmlDoc for saving to disk or whatever..

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