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iOS Question

Append UI Images from array to slideshow swift

I'm trying to make a slideshow with this library

So i'm making a query, i bring some images and i append them here

var sliderArray = [UIImage]()
var testimg:UIImage!

let idaki = recipeObj.objectId
let pointer2 = PFObject(outDataWithClassName:"Recipes", objectId: idaki!)
let galquery = PFQuery(className:"sliderRecipes")
galquery.whereKey("recipe", equalTo: pointer2)
galquery.findObjectsInBackgroundWithBlock {
(objects: [PFObject]?, error: NSError?) -> Void in

if error == nil {
// The find succeeded.
print("Successfully retrieved \(objects!.count) scores.")
// Do something with the found objects
if let objects = objects {
for object in objects {
count += 1

let glrimg = object["sliderImage"] as! PFFile
glrimg.getDataInBackgroundWithBlock {
(imageData3: NSData?, error: NSError?) -> Void in
if error == nil {
if let imageData2 = imageData3 {
self.testimg = UIImage(data:imageData2)

if count == objects.count { print(self.sliderArray) }

// print("test")
// print(self.sliderPinakas)
} else {
// Log details of the failure
print("Error: \(error!) \(error!.userInfo)")

And after all this i DONT have an array with images. In the print above it first shows the
array and after that it shows the prints of UI Images that i want to show them like this to a slider

slideshow.setImageInputs([ImageSource(image: UIImage(named: "myImage"))!, ImageSource(image: UIImage(named: "myImage2"))!])

but instead of having to do it with the name,
UIImage(named: "myImage"))!
i would like to do it this way

self.slider.setImageInputs([ImageSource(image: self.testimg)])

for all the images of the array, cause the above line shows only one.
Is there anyone that could help?


You have pass to self.slider.setImageInputs array of all objects ImageSource [ImageSource(image: self.testimg1), ImageSource(image: self.testimg2), ...] etc., not only one object [ImageSource(image: self.testimg)].

If you add images like:
self.slider.setImageInputs([ImageSource(image: self.testimg)])
self.slider.setImageInputs([ImageSource(image: self.testimg2)])
you'll simply replace first image with second.

Create new array, enumerate all images from sliderArray, and append they to array ImageSource(image: self.testimg1) objects.

Also remember, you have to call this from block glrimg.getDataInBackgroundWithBlock!

add before for

var count = 0

and add inside block

count +=1
if count == objects.count {

That will print array when all objects finished loads (they can loads in chaotic order).