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Perl Question

Check if a directory exists as an absolute path

How would one check if the path/directory exists (-d) and is a full pathname from root directory?

i.e. ~/mysubdir vs /home/me/mysubdir vs mysubdir.

  • I want the argument supplied to die if it is not a root path that
    exists. os specific for unix.

  • Or, given a directory, get its full root path if it exists?

Answer Source
use strict;
use warnings;
use feature 'say';

use Cwd qw/abs_path getcwd/;
use File::HomeDir;

my $path = 'foo/../bar';

if($path =~ /^~/) {
    my $home = File::HomeDir->my_home;
    $path =~ s/^~/$home/;

if($path !~ m!^/!) {
    $path = getcwd . "/$path";

my $full_path = abs_path($path);

if(defined $full_path && -d $full_path) {
    say "$full_path exists";
} else {
    say "$path is non-existant";

File::Homedir will allow you to get a users home directory, and you can then replace the tilde in the path.

If the path at this point doesn't start with / (is a relative path) prepend the current working directory with getcwd, to get an absolute path.

Once you've done that you can pass it through abs_path to resolve things like . and .. as well as symlinks.

Finally you can then test that with -d to see if the resultant path exists.

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