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How can I directly view blobs in MySQL Workbench

I'm using MySQL Workbench CE 5.2.30 CE / Rev 6790 . When execute the following statement:


I only get back a nice
icon, I need to left-click to select the cell, right-click and choose "Open Value in viewer" and select the "Text" tab.

Using the same with phpMyAdmin, I get directly back the value of the
call. It's just an example, but is there a way to directly see such results in the output?

Answer Source

In short:

  1. Go to Edit > Preferences
  2. Choose SQL Editor
  3. Under SQL Execution, check Treat BINARY/VARBINARY as nonbinary character string
  4. Restart MySQL Workbench (you will not be prompted or informed of this requirement).

With this setting you will be able to concatenate fields without getting blobs.

I think this applies to versions 5.2.22 and later and is the result of this MySQL bug.

Disclaimer: I don't know what the downside of this setting is - maybe when you are selecting BINARY/VARBINARY values you will see it as plain text which may be misleading and/or maybe it will hinder performance if they are large enough?

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