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How to check which locks are held on a table

How can we check which database locks are applied on which rows against a query batch?

Any tool that highlights table row level locking in real time?

DB: SQL Server 2005

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To add to the other responses, sp_lock can also be used to dump full lock information on all running processes. The output can be overwhelming, but if you want to know exactly what is locked, it's a valuable one to run. I usually use it along with sp_who2 to quickly zero in on locking problems.

There are multiple different versions of "friendlier" sp_lock procedures available online, depending on the version of SQL Server in question.

In your case, for SQL Server 2005, sp_lock is still available, but deprecated, so it's now recommended to use the sys.dm_tran_locks view for this kind of thing. You can find an example of how to "roll your own" sp_lock function here.

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