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Java Question

wowza webrtc preview samples, java: package ..plugin.webrtc.model not found

I am trying to compile the test jar for the latest wowza webrtc preview, using the file from the

When using the files supplied in the /lib folder as global libraries I am getting this message,

java: package

does not exist

in reference to

WebRTCCommandRequest commandRequest = null;

I do have
added as library, but not sure if this is the correct .jar I need.

Searching and for
yeailds no obvious results.

Any help or pointers would be great.

Answer Source

This turned out to be a typo in the wowza example.

Changing com.wowza.wms.plugin.webrtc.model to com.wowza.wms.webrtc.model fixed this issue immediately. It was only by referencing older code that we noted this include had changed in the wowza source examples.

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