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What gulp-release-tasks exactly does?

I couldn't understand what does the gulp-release-tasks module exactly. it's written that it's a "scoped release tasks for gulp" : what is that ?! and that it "bumps the versions of your package.json and bower.json" what does it mean? i found it used in a project generated automatically with the generator-gulp-angular.

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Bower and npm are package managers and bower.json and package.json are their configuration files (respectively).

You can install and save your project dependencies with commands like bower install [package] --save which will add records to your bower.json (or package.json).

In those configurations files you specify version of your project and repository (you want to keep clean record of what dependencies belong to which versions of your project):

"repository": "[your repository]",
"version": "0.0.3",

This is where gulp-release-tasks comes into play. It allows you to automate process of managing semantic versioning (doc) of those configs. You can run commands such as gulp bump --minor which will bump version (for example) from v0.0.3 -> v0.1.0, commit changes and automatically push to your repository. Or you can perform those operations directly from your gulp tasks.

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