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How to load resource in cocoapods resource_bundle

I have struggled a lot to how to load resource in cocoapods resource_bundle.

The following is what i put in the


s.source_files = 'XDCoreLib/Pod/Classes/**/*'
s.resource_bundles = {
'XDCoreLib' => ['XDCoreLib/Pod/Resources/**/*.{png,storyboard}']

This is what I am trying to do from the main project.

let bundle = NSBundle(forClass: XDWebViewController.self)
let image = UIImage(named: "ic_arrow_back", inBundle: bundle, compatibleWithTraitCollection: nil)

I did see the picture in the
, but it return a nil.

Answer Source

I struggled with a similar issue for a while. The resource bundle for a pod is actually a separate bundle from where your code lives. Try the following:

let frameworkBundle = NSBundle(forClass: XDWebViewController.self)
let bundleURL = frameworkBundle.resourceURL?.URLByAppendingPathComponent("XDCoreLib.bundle")
let resourceBundle = NSBundle(URL: bundleURL!)
let image = UIImage(named: "ic_arrow_back", inBundle: resourceBundle, compatibleWithTraitCollection: nil)