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Is it possible to fix SlickGrid's column-resizing bug?

I've recently (re-)discovered SlickGrid, and am considering using it for a project I'm working on, mainly because in many ways it appears to be the most versatile and powerful and performant (forgive the neologism) JavaScript grid yet created.

There are only a few problems. The first is that it very annoyingly doesn't resize its columns the way users expect: at the same time that they resize the column header. Many would be quick to point out that this has no practical implication, but I value usability and elegance greatly, and this damages both.

As far as usability, the first time I tried to resize a column I really thought it was not working. Undoubtedly others will be confused as well.

As far as elegance, it just completely breaks the sense of actually physically manipulating objects.

I don't actually need all the power that SlickGrid gives for this current project, but if its weaknesses can be overcome I see no reason not to use it for everything when I need a grid. In most respects it is extremely impressive.

Answer Source

Setting the syncColumnCellResize option when initialising the grid forces the grid to resize the columns synchronously as the user resizes the column header.

var grid;
var columns = [ ... columns stuff
var options = { ... other options,
                syncColumnCellResize: true

var data = [ ... data stuff

grid = new Slick.Grid("#myGrid", data, columns, options);
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