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Javascript Question

How are random scripts being injected into my web application?

I'm on a public PC that seems to be infected with some malware that is distorting my site. Other PCs work fine so I believe it is this particular PC and not my godaddy server. One of the random scripts are below.

<script src="http://i.pricejs.info/pfna/javascript.js?channel=pfnana2014&amp;hid=v5532D312D352D32312D313433383236313438312D16B3533E63&amp;instgrp=20151129__1263__lnk_auto_1218_1&amp;trinity=Z12u7t2g6b0u&amp;sset=7" type="text/javascript"></script>

How is this happening and is there anything I can do to prevent this?

Perhaps I can block DOM injection some how? Is the browser infected some how?

PHP/mySQL on the server.

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This is one reason https has become the standard, even free host providers like heroku provide this free of charge.

Here is a similar issue on SO

Cleaning up iframe malware

I would suggest removing the scripts manually until you can get https:


for(all scripts)
   remove scripts that do not match your ids
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