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Jquery Autocomplete showing an empty list

Using Jquery Autocomplete, querying a script.

The list shows as many rows as there are results (when I set my script to return X results, there are X rows as well in the list) :

jquery not returning data

But it doesn't fill the rows with the data. What could have gone wrong there ?

The data returned is some json :

Request URL:http://localhost:8000/search/autocomplete?term=750
Request Method:GET
Status Code:200 OK
Remote Address:
Response Headers
view source
Date:Tue, 15 Nov 2016 14:53:07 GMT

And here is the data :

[{"zip":"75004","commune":"PARIS 04","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75005","commune":"PARIS 05","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75003","commune":"PARIS 03","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75006","commune":"PARIS 06","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75008","commune":"PARIS 08","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75012","commune":"PARIS 12","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75015","commune":"PARIS 15","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75016","commune":"PARIS 16","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75017","commune":"PARIS 17","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75010","commune":"PARIS 10","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75018","commune":"PARIS 18","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75001","commune":"PARIS 01","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75009","commune":"PARIS 09","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75014","commune":"PARIS 14","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75002","commune":"PARIS 02","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75007","commune":"PARIS 07","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75011","commune":"PARIS 11","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75013","commune":"PARIS 13","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75019","commune":"PARIS 19","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""},
{"zip":"75020","commune":"PARIS 20","libelle":"PARIS","lieudit":""}]

Here is my JS :

$( "#fromzip" ).autocomplete({
source: "/search/autocomplete",
dataType: 'json',
minLength: 3,

The HTML :

title="5 numbers zip"
required >

And the PHP (Laravel Input, DB and Response facades) :

public function autocomplete(){
$term = Input::get('term');
$results = array();

$queries = DB::table('zips')
->where('zip', 'LIKE', $term.'%')
->orWhere('libelle', 'LIKE', $term.'%')

foreach ($queries as $query)
$results[] = [ 'zip' => $query->zip,
'commune' => $query->commune,
'libelle' => $query->libelle,
'lieudit' => $query->lieudit];

return Response::json($results);


Answer Source

Have a look at It states that the data must be in the format

[ { label: "Choice1", value: "value1" }, ... ] 

Your sample data items don't have either of those properties (label or value).

You can modify your server-side script to output the right format, or if you can't/won't do that, you could use the source-as-a-function option in the plugin to write a function that transforms the data.

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