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Basic Python 2.7 Math Script (4 variables and 3 consecutive math operations)

I'm still starting to learn Python on my own and I need to write a script that asks the user for 4 numbers and then it lets the user choose which math operations it is going to perform with the chosen numbers. I already defined the math operations functions and asked the user for the numbers and set variables with them:

def add(a, b):
return a + b

def subtract(a, b):
return a - b

def multiply(a, b):
return a * b

def divide(a, b):
return a / b

x = float(raw_input('Choose your first number\n> '))

y = float(raw_input('Choose your second number\n> ' ))

z = float(raw_input('Choose your third number\n> '))

w = float(raw_input('Choose your fourth number\n> '))

Now I need to ask the user which operations he would like to perform in order of choice like:
If he says add then the script adds x + Y, if for the second operator he says multiply the scripts then multiply the sum of (x+y) by z and if for the third operator he says divide the script takes ((x+y)*z) and divide it by w.

Answer Source

If I understand the problem correctly, I would ask a user what operation he wants to go with:

math_option =raw_input('Choose the math operation: ')

and later on check what option was chosen:

if math_option == "add":
    print add(x, y)
if math_option == "multiply":
     add_num = add(x,y)
     mul_num = multiply(math_option,z)  
     print mul_num

and so on

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