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UNIX shell written in a reasonable language?

Has anyone ever heard of a UNIX shell written in a reasonable language, like Python?

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  • Eshell is a Bash-like shell in Emacs Lisp.
  • IPython can be used as a system shell, though the syntax is a bit weird (supporting all of Python plus basic sh constructs).
  • fish has a core written in C, but much of its functionality is implemented in itself. Unlike many rare shells, it can be used as your login shell.
  • Hotwire deserves another mention. Its basic design appears to be "PowerShell in Python," but it also does some clever things with UI. The last release was in 2008.
  • Zoidberg is written in Perl and uses Perl syntax. A nice-looking project, shame it seems to have stalled.
  • Scsh would be a pain to use as a login shell (an example command from the docs: (run/strings (find "." -name *.c -print))), but it looks like a good "Perl in Scheme."
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