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Python Question

How to return to default linux root (Home) folder in terminal?

I'm new to linux and python. I'm just thinking can i go back to default root folder (Home) from terminal, and not by closing and reopen the terminal.

After activating the folder:

root@root:~/anaconda2# source bin/activate ~/anaconda2/
discarding /root/anaconda2/bin from PATH
prepending /root/anaconda2/bin to PATH

I get:


Then i run the ipython notebook and after finish my work and shutdown, i returned back to:


How can I get back my root folder (Home):?


Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

You're already back to home directory.

Maybe you meant deactivate the virtualenv? Issue deactivate or source deactivate:

(/root/anaconda2)root@root:~# source deactivate
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