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Python Question

Does SQLAlchemy have an equivalent of Django's get_or_create?

I want to get an object from the database if it already exists (based on provided parameters) or create it if it does not.


(or source) does this. Is there an equivalent shortcut in SQLAlchemy?

I'm currently writing it out explicitly like this:

def get_or_create_instrument(session, serial_number):
instrument = session.query(Instrument).filter_by(serial_number=serial_number).first()
if instrument:
return instrument
instrument = Instrument(serial_number)
return instrument

Answer Source

That's basically the way to do it, there is no shortcut readily available AFAIK.

You could generalize it ofcourse:

def get_or_create(session, model, defaults=None, **kwargs):
    instance = session.query(model).filter_by(**kwargs).first()
    if instance:
        return instance, False
        params = dict((k, v) for k, v in kwargs.iteritems() if not isinstance(v, ClauseElement))
        params.update(defaults or {})
        instance = model(**params)
        return instance, True
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