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How to determine if lat long coordinates are on a road with Google Maps API v2

I have used Google geo address and using lat/long have got the address. How do I determine if I am on road on not? Basically hit-test for road? I am currently using location manager for lat/long and the GeoAddress is same for on road and next to road.


Final Solution

Use reverse geocoding via the Google Geocoding API.

The term geocoding generally refers to translating a human-readable address into a location on a map. The process of doing the converse, translating a location on the map into a human-readable address, is known as reverse geocoding.

The Geocoding API supports reverse geocoding directly using the latlng parameter. For example, the following query contains the latitude/longitude value for a location in Brooklyn:


The docs explain how to interpret the json results but StackOverflow has various answers addressing more efficient ways to parse the data.

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