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R Question

R: dataframe with unequal row lengths (empty values) into list of rows

df <- data.frame(
a= c('a',''),
b= c('b', 'c'),
stringsAsFactors = F,
row.names = c('id1', 'id2')

> df
a b
id1 a b
id2 c

If I consider the second element in column
as empty (value is ''), how can I turn this dataframe into a list
of each row while removing the 'empty' values.

> l
[1] "a" "b"

[1] "c"

Answer Source

We can do a split

lapply(split(as.matrix(df), row.names(df)), setdiff, "")
#[1] "a" "b"

#[1] "c"
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