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Swift Question

Why won't my NSColor extension see a CGColor?

This baffles me... I'm trying to create a convenience initializer for

which makes one out of a
, but for some dang reason it just refuses to acknowledge that
exists! I have imported
, and just for sanity I also imported
and even
but still no luck!

All the imports I should need, but CGColor is not found

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Cleaning and rebuilding doesn't help...


As already said in the comments, NSColor has an init(cgColor:) initializer, that might render your problem obsolete.

But since you are asking why it does not compile: The reason is that NSColor has a CGColor property, and that conflicts with the CGColor type. As a workaround, one can use the CGColorRef alias:

extension NSColor {

    convenience init(_ cgColor: CGColorRef) {
        // ...

As Eric Aya said, the problem does not exist with Xcode 8 beta 4. The reason is that the NSColor property was renamed to cgColor, and does not conflict with the CGColor type anymore,