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Vim background with gnu screen

I am having trouble with my colorscheme in

. When editing a file using a vim session started in GNU screen, the text background is not rendered correctly. In a session outside screen, the entire background is gray (how it should be). For a vim window inside screen, only the background directly behind the text appears gray. The rest is black.

I have TERM set to
in both my
. My
set t_Co=256

I am using

Edit: I am connecting through

Answer Source

[filling in for the OP, see the comment]

The OP found the issue:

I needed to have this set:

defbce "on"

This forces background colours to refresh.

"Change background-color-erase setting. If bce is set to β€œon”, all characters cleared by an erase/insert/scroll/clear operation will be displayed in the current background color. Otherwise the default background color is used."

– Ravi 19 hours ago

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