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Apache Configuration Question

Very slow Apache on Windows 7

The simplest script:

<?php echo 'hello';

Takes about 3 seconds to execute. There seems to be a big time interval Apache waits until it serves a web page.

I tried turning off antivirus, disabling ipv6 and more but Apache is still very slow. What should I do?


Additional information:

  • Apache 2.2

  • PHP 5.2

  • It's only dynamic PHP files. Static files (html) are served instantly

  • It has nothing to do with system specs, it's new PC

There are few PHP notices in Apache error log:

[Thu Jul 01 08:37:21 2010] [error] [client] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: ref in D:\\data\\o\\WebProjects\\elearning\\application\\modules\\clientarea\\controllers\\ViewController.php on line 578, referer: http://elearning/clientarea/view/course/teid/1/cid/1

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Answer Source

It's commonly suggested that this problem is caused by your firewall interfering or by having IPv6 enabled at your network interfaces, however those solutions didn't fix the issue for me. It turns out that by default Windows 7 hosts file at "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" has this line commented out:

# localhost

In my case, simply uncommenting this line changed the localhost performance back to what it was supposed to be, instead of that annoying 3-5 second wait on every page load. Remember that you need to run your text editor with administrator rights to edit the hosts file.

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