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jQuery Question

Split string by hashtag and save into array with jQuery?

I have a var that has a string with a series of words, some of which have hashtags, eg:

var words = "#hashtagged no hashtag #antoherhashtag";

I want to save each hashtagged word into an array, kind of like:

var tagslistarr = words.split(' ');

But I am unsure of how to get the characters surrounded by both the # and the space.

Is there a special way of doing this? Is there some ASCII characters I am meant to use to identify this?

Answer Source


var words = "#hashtagged no hashtag #antoherhashtag";
var tagslistarr = words.split(' ');
var arr=[];
    if(tagslistarr[i].indexOf('#') == 0){

tagslistarr = words.split(' ') splits words with spaces to from a new array

$.each() loops through the each value of tagslistarr array

if(tagslistarr[i].indexOf('#') == 0) checks is the # is in the beginning of the and if this condition is true it adds it into the arr array

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