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Dropbox iOS SDK "Broken"?```

I am trying to use the latest official version of the DropBox iOS Core SDK, in particular the

, to efficiently keep a document tree up to date on my local computer. However, several features of the SDK don't seem to be implemented as you'd expect, and I was wondering whether I am doing something wrong, failing to understand something, or on the other hand just looking for features that aren't there.

Dropbox has (at least?) two kinds of entities it stores: files and folders. If I make a change to a file in Dropbox, I can detect it by a change in the file's "rev" string.

However, for folders, the rev string doesn't change when the contents changes. For example, it doesn't change in response to any of the following:

  1. Adding a file

  2. Deleting a file

  3. Editing a file

Question 1:
Is this the expected behavior ? If so, does that mean that when I want to know if any of my Dropbox files have changed I must walk through the entire folder tree every time ?

There is a command to get a "delta" of the current contents (of something, the command takes no path parameters) related a "cursor" string. The command looks like it is supposed to return a record of edited files/folders along with a new "cursor" string specifying the current state. However, when I get the delta, the contents are always empty. If I make a change in dropbox, and then send back the previous returned "cursor", I still get an empty delta.

Question 2:
Are deltas currently working in the SDK, and if so can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong ?

Answer Source

Question 1: Yes, that's the expected behavior. Typically you would use delta to watch for changes.

Question 2: Yes, I would assume that delta is working. You haven't shown any code, so it's impossible to guess what's going wrong.

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