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Case insensitivity with angularjs ui-router

I'm building a new angularJS app, based from the AngularJS SPA Visual studio template (http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/5af151b2-9ed2-4809-bfe8-27566bfe7d83)

this uses ui-router (https://github.com/angular-ui/ui-router) for its routing.

however, it seems to be case sensitive.

Any idea how I would instruct angular/ui-router to ignore the case of the


case sensitivity doesn't matter while in the app, though should a user type a url to enter the application at a specific page, we need to ensure that
is also the same as


Answer Source

Following the link in the comments to the original question, i was able to get the answer I needed.

Before my $stateProvider.state(......) routes I now have this piece of code:

$urlRouterProvider.rule(function ($injector, $location) {
       //what this function returns will be set as the $location.url
        var path = $location.path(), normalized = path.toLowerCase();
        if (path != normalized) {
            //instead of returning a new url string, I'll just change the $location.path directly so I don't have to worry about constructing a new url string and so a new state change is not triggered
        // because we've returned nothing, no state change occurs

Essentially it will toLowerCase() a url that isn't all lowercase already.

Once done, it replaces the url rather than redirects. Then carries on with matching a state.

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