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Angular ng-show="false" is not working

First of all, I have searched already for this topic. There are lots of questions of answers for this, but none address my issue. So please, be kind and don't mark this question as duplicate.

I am trying to display and hide an ion-item on my hybrid application. The tests I am doing are done solely on the html side.

<ion-navbar color="secondary">

<ion-content margin>
<ion-item ng-show="false">{{ item.cep + "\n" + item.logradouro + "\n" + item.complemento + "\n" + item.bairro + "\n" + item.localidade + "\n" +

<form margin-top (ngSubmit)="test()">
<ion-input type="number" max="99999999" [(ngModel)]="form.cep" name="form"></ion-input>
<button ion-button type="submit" center>Pesquisar CEP</button>

I set ion-item ng-show as "false", which on editors like the one at W3Schools works correctly. But here it is not working at all. What should I do?

My versions:
Ionic: 3.5.0
Cordova: 7.0.1
Angular: 1.6.5

Answer Source

you can use [hidden] intead of ng-show

<ion-item [hidden]="false">

check hidden

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