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How to add jFreeChart library with the netbeans IDE?

I am having jCommon(jFreeChart) library file. (It contains ant, checkstyle, docfiles, experimental, lib, source, swt, tests, ChangeLog, jfreechart-1.0.13-demo.jar, licence-LGPL.txt, maven-jfreechart-project.xml, NEWS,Readme.txt) I've used NetbeansIDE6.9 to add into the netbeans new library there are three tabs classpath,source,javadoc. javadoc tab need index-all.html file. How to add this and run the application?

Answer Source

Project properties -> Libraries -> Add JAR/Folder -> Browser JAR

To add source, you need to have source downloaded. As I can see in your given list, you are having one. You can select JAR you just added, using a method I have stated above, and click Edit. There you will have another pop-up with the tab "Sources". You can add source JAR in there.

To add Javadocs, you need to download it first. Then just add that zip file, most probably by following similar steps.

P.S.: Learn Maven, you will love it. It will manage all these things for you automagically. You just need to provide the artifacts.

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