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Java Question

Regex match double quote which does not follow slash character

I have string like this:

"abcd\" efg\" hi" jklm"

I want to get sub string between two first characters
, which is not

For example, in the above string, I want to get
abcd\" efg\" hi

Currently, I replace
by another character, then use the regex
to extract the sub string between two first characters
. Is there any way to use regex directly without replacing
by another character.

Answer Source

Use this regex:



[^\\]?   match an optional single character which is not backslash
"(.*?    match a quote followed by anything (non-greedy)
[^\\])"  match a quote preceded by anything other than backslash

This regex will match the least content between an opening quote and closing quote which does not have a backslash.


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