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Linux Question

How to install tensorflow 0.10.0 on linux?

I want to install 0.10.0 on linux for gpu.
In the tensorflow page it shows how to install 0.11.

I tried replacing 0.11 with 0.10 as follows:

Instead of



But i got and HTTP error 404.

How can i install tensorflow 0.10 for python 2.7 linux 64 big, for gpu?

Answer Source

Click on the Version dropdown menu to select the r0.10 version

enter image description here

And then copy the URL:

#Ubuntu/Linux 64-bit, GPU enabled, Python 2.7
# Requires CUDA toolkit 7.5 and CuDNN v5. For other versions, see "Install from sources" below.
$ export TF_BINARY_URL=
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