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AngularJS Question

angular ui-bootstrap $modal injection fail

I use angular 1.5 and the last bootstrap & ui-bootstrap versions.

I want to interger angular-confirm module in my application but i don't found the required



This module depends on Angular-UI bootstrap for its $modal service

For example this fail:

angular.module('myApp', ['angular-confirm'])
.controller('MyController', function($scope , $modal , $confirm) {

Error: $injector:unpr
Unknown Provider

Unknown provider: $modalProvider <- $modal <- $confirm

Where can i download
because it is not in

What i'm missing ?

I create a plunkr

Answer Source

In latest versions of angular-bootstrap (>= 0.14), $modal has been renamed to $uibModal, so you need to inject that one:

.controller('MyController', function($scope , $uibModal , $confirm) {

The documentation of angular-confirm has not been adjusted.

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