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Swift Question

How does one implement background app refresh in Swift?

I am new at Programing and to Swift. I understand the basic syntax and how to do all the common things from reading Apple's "The Swift Programming Language". But I cannot find any good documentation with examples and beginner explanations on implementing iOS Background app refresh. I have tried many Swift tutorial websites, I've turned to Google, and even searched through Apple's own web documentation, and have so far haven't had success. How does one go about implementing Background app refresh in an iOS app (using Swift)?

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It depends on the type of learner you are. There are plenty of valuable resources I can recommend you. To mention a few:

A book that contains well explained Swift concepts where authors reinforce what you learned throughout practice and challenges at the end of each chapter. Highly recommended.

A course from with high reputation in which they explain professionally Swift concepts through examples. Personally recommended.

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