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Java 8 Pattern predicate using Stream how variable is infer?

Hi i am reading Java 8 for the real impatient and i see a code which gives me curiosity is like this

final Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(".....");
final long count = Stream.of("Cristian","Daniel","Ortiz","Cuellar")

I just thought that asPredicate method would be something like

public boolean asPredicate(String stringToMatch){

But the real implementation is like this

public Predicate<String>asPredicate(){
return s -> matcher(s).find();

Yes i know that i could use something like this and is perfectly legal

final long count = Stream.of("Cristian","Daniel","Ortiz","Cuellar")

But my question is how the stream somehow pass the String to Pattern instance? how "Cristian","Daniel","Ortiz","Cuellar" each are passed to the method s -> matcher(s).find(). I mean how the Strings are somehow passed and become the s variable of the asPredicate method.

Sorry if the question is somehow simple but this really gives me nightmares and sorry by my poor english.. Best Regards.

Answer Source

The Predicate interface is a functional interface that defines one abstract method boolean test(T t) where T in this case is the String type, since you're filtering on a Stream<String>. In other words, the code is equivalent to:

final long count = Stream.of("Cristian","Daniel","Ortiz","Cuellar")
  .filter(new Predicate<String>() {
       public boolean test(String s) {
          return matcher(s).find();
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