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Java Question

In Azure Eventhub error in @Override when receiving messages with EventProcessorHost in Java

I have an eventhub and I am sending data to it. Now I need to recieve that data. So I followed the tutorial in the eventhub page


"Receive messages with EventProcessorHost in Java"

In all the classes it is not letting me
@Override. It gives me the following error.

Multiple markers at this line
- implements com.microsoft.azure.eventprocessorhost.IEventProcessor.onOpen
- The method onOpen(PartitionContext) of type EventProcessor must override a superclass

I have added the dependencies specified in the pom(I am using a maven project).


Answer Source

Change your project references to point to jdk1.8.

This is a very common error when you are trying to compile Java projects with jdk1.5. @Override annotations' specification changed in jdk1.5 to jdk1.6.


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