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Plotting Smith chart using PySmithPlot

I'm trying to plot Smith chart in python using PySmithPlot, it has to be placed along some other items in frame, but i can't find a way to do so.
I have managed to make plots with matplotlib, but didn't have any luck so far with Smiths chart. Can anyone give me a reference to a site where i could find explanation to my problem?

import matplotlib as mp
from matplotlib.backends.backend_tkagg import FigureCanvasTkAgg, NavigationToolbar2TkAgg
import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import ttk
from matplotlib import style
from PIL import Image, ImageTk
from matplotlib.figure import Figure
from tkinter import Tk, W, E
from tkinter.ttk import Frame, Button, Style, Entry
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import matplotlib.pylab as pl
import smithplot
from smithplot import SmithAxes
f = Figure(figsize=(5, 5), dpi=100)
class Dizajn(tk.Tk):

def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
tk.Tk.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
tk.Tk.wm_title(self, "title")
container = tk.Frame(self)
container.pack(side="top", fill="both", expand=True)
container.grid_rowconfigure(0, weight=1)
container.grid_columnconfigure(0, weight=1)
self.frames = {}
for F in (Home, FirstPage):
frame = F(container, self)
self.frames[F] = frame
frame.grid(row=0, column=0, sticky="nsew")

def show_frame(self, cont):
frame = self.frames[cont]

class Home(tk.Frame):

def __init__(self, parent, cont):
tk.Frame.__init__(self, parent)
ax = f.add_subplot(111, projection="smith")

app = Dizajn()

And this is the last line of error report
in transform_path_non_affine
NotImplementedError: Value for 'path_interpolation' cannot be interpreted.

Answer Source

PySmithPlot provides a new projection which you can pass to e.g. subplot() or add_subplot():

import matplotlib.pylab as pl 
import smithplot
from smithplot import SmithAxes

fig = pl.figure() 
ax1 = fig.add_subplot(121) 
ax1.plot([(1, 2), (3, 4)], [(4, 3), (2, 3)]) 
ax2 = fig.add_subplot(122, projection='smith')

enter image description here

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