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PHP Question

PHP: Get key from array?

I am sure that this is super easy and built-in function in PHP, but I have yet not seen it.

Here's what I am doing for the moment:

foreach($array as $key => $value) {
echo $key; // Would output "subkey" in the example array

Could I do something like the following instead and thereby save myself from writing "$key => $value" in every foreach loop? (psuedocode)

foreach($array as $subarray) {
echo arrayKey($subarray); // Will output the same as "echo $key" in the former example ("subkey"


The array:

[subKey] => Array
[value] => myvalue


Answer Source

You can use key():

$array = array(
    "one" => 1,
    "two" => 2,
    "three" => 3,
    "four" => 4

while($element = current($array)) {
    echo key($array)."\n";
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