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C# Question

How to insert newline in string literal?

In .NET I can provide both

string literals, but there is a way to insert
something like "new line" special character like
static property?

Answer Source

Well, simple options are:

  • string.Format:

    string x = string.Format("first line{0}second line", Environment.NewLine);
  • String concatenation:

    string x = "first line" + Environment.NewLine + "second line";
  • String interpolation (in C#6 and above):

    string x = $"first line{Environment.NewLine}second line";

You could also use \n everywhere, and replace:

string x = "first line\nsecond line\nthird line".Replace("\n",

Note that you can't make this a string constant, because the value of Environment.NewLine will only be available at execution time.

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