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Mixing javascript and jquery within namespace

Was having trouble a few weeks ago getting jquery to run in firebug (esp on drupal sites). Apparently the issue was that Drupal was grabbing the $ variable, so I got a little namespace snippet (function($)...(Jquery)); that reclaimed the $. I have been using the namespace in firebug but geting inconsistent results, especially when mixing pure javascript and Jquery within the namespace. I understand that all Jquery is javascript and they work together, but looking at samples I see some weird variations in the way people deploy this namespace. As a general question but also specifically within Firebug context, is there any need to place javascript in any particular relation to namespaced Jquery (inside the namespace, function calls inside, function out, or any other convention)?

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If you meant preventing the $ from being reclaimed, there is no convention but there is a way. other frameworks also use the $ name. anything declared later to use $ will take over $. however, you can prevent it or get around it.

jQuery offers a lot of ways to prevent it via its noConflict() method. but my preferred method is just wrap them in a function. jQuery also uses the jQuery namespace. $ is a shorthand alias, a very common one too. so functions like $.each() is also jQuery.each(). what crazy framework uses jQuery as its namespace anyway?

an example of wrapping in a function is like this:


    //inside here, "$" is jQuery

}(jQuery)); //pass "jQuery"
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