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How to auto increment by 2 for a particular table in mysql

I have 2 tables order_retailer and order_customer

they both have auto incremented primary key order_id

To keep an order id unique in the whole system I want order_retailer to have id as even numbers only and for order_customer the ids will be odd. For this I have to set the autoincrement's increment value to 2. is it possible to set it table wise in mysql.

I don't want a php solution. please let me know if there is a command/query to set the auto increment shift to 2 for a perticular table.
Also I don't want to change the server variables auto_increment_increment or auto_increment_offset or any other server variable

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No it is not possible to set it table wise.

Mysql has 2 variable auto_increment_increment and auto_increment_offset and values of both these variables are 1 by default. If you change any of the value it will have global effect.

To solve your problem create a stored procedure which will according to needs of having even id.

Refer this link

Hope this helps

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