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Assign AWK result to variable

This should be pretty straightfoward and I don't know why I am struggling with it.

I am running the following psql command from within a shell script in order to find out whether all indexes have been dropped before inserting data.

INDEXCOUNT=$(psql -p $dbPort -U enterprisedb -d main_db -c "select Count(*) from all_indexes where index_schema = 'enterprisedb';")

At this point, INDEXCOUNT is equal to “COUNT ------- 0”

Now if I echo the following line I get the result I want -

echo $INDEXCOUNT | awk '{print $3}'

How do I assign the value of
$INDEXCOUNT | awk ‘{print $3}’
to a variable to check it in an “IF” statement?

For example:

RETURNCOUNT=$INDEXCOUNT | awk '{print $3}'

Answer Source

The following works correctly on bash:

 a=$(echo '111 222 33' | awk '{print $3;}' )
 echo $a # result is "33"

Another option would be to convert the string to an array:

 a="111 222 333"

 echo ${b[2]}  # returns 333
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