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Groovy Question

Querying computed fields in GORM

I am trying to query the following HQL using GORM:

MailMessage.executeQuery("toId, count(toId) from (SELECT toId, threadId FROM MailMessage as m WHERE receiveStatus = 'u' GROUP BY threadId, toId) as x group by x.toId")

The problem is that
is a computed field doesn't exist in
and that I am using a subquery.

I get the following error:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: node to traverse cannot be null!
Ideally, I would like to use a generic executeQuery which will return data of anytype. Is there such a thing?

Answer Source

I am answering my own question. The only way to do this is to execute raw SQL and not use HQL. Unfortunately, there is no way that I figured out how to execute a complicated query with a subquery and computed field.

I used the example here: Grails query not using GORM

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